gj“Hello, I’m Dr. Joe Swider, I’m running to be your congressman this November 8th.  I’m a physician and veteran, but also a conservative Democrat along the lines of Senators Long, Breaux, and Johnson.   I believe in a state’s right to choose what’s best for its own citizens, and not be dictated to by Washington.  I also believe in the principles that made this country great…. Hard work, perseverance, service to one’s country and a desire to create something better.

Unfortunately, there are some in Washington who put party over country, partisanship over common cause, and personality over humble service.  There are those in Washington who would sound the trumpet of war, sending others in harm’s way, though they never wore the uniform themselves.  We are a country now torn asunder by political polarization.  How can we as a nation accomplish great deeds if we can’t even decide whose lives matter most?  All lives matter.  The needless culture wars don’t just serve as our battlefields, they also serve as our dividing lines, pitting one American against another, when in reality we can make common cause with our brothers as we set aside our tribal differences.  For we are not different races, we are one race, the Human race.

And we are one people, the American people, and we as a people are tired of a political system which rewards career politicians, and the well connected with the best things that money can buy, while the average Joe or Jane has a hard time making ends meet.  My primary opponent in this race, the incumbent, has spent 20 years in public office.  I along with many others think this is time enough.  That it’s time for a new direction for our state, one that leaves the past and its ghosts behind.  I believe in the saying “If it’s good for Louisiana, I’m for it”, as well as in the truths that are evident in everyday life, our Constitution and its Amendments.

Please donate to the campaign and together we can set a better course for Louisiana.  Thank you and God Bless.”

Joe Swider-

Thank you for your donation!  It is through your help that we as a state can leave the status quo behind as well as the ghosts from the past and move toward a future that is more promising and brighter for the citizens of Southeastern Louisiana.  (All donations welcome, though $$2700 dollars per individual is the maximum donation allowed by law).


  • End a system which rewards career politicians
  • Restore faith in those principles which made America great:  Hard work, perserverance, service to one’s country, and a desire to create something better
  • Foster ties between business and local community leaders in order to bring good paying jobs to Louisiana
  • Implementing ways by which the US can become energy independent by meeting it’s own energy needs in a sustainable way.  Louisiana must be allowed to play a big part in this.
  • All major companies look to locate their operations to areas with en educated force. As your Congressman, I will work to upgrade our education system so that SouthEast Louisiana becomes a place that industry wants to locate to.  This will represent a two-fer for our youngest citizens, for as they become more educated, they will also become more employable.


  • Physician (Georgetown trained psychiatrist)
  • Veteran (Field medic US ARMY/National Guard)
  • Nearly 10 years of service on the front lines of our community in area clinics and hospitals

I humbly ask for your vote to be your next congressman for the 1st District. on Nov. 8th 2016. Thank you!